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Best Commute Ever

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A couple of months ago, I was sitting on the side of the train, at the end of the car, in the seats facing the aisle, as opposed to the ends, of the train.

By the Winchester stop, the aisle had gotten pretty packed.  A man stood directly in front of me, with his arm above my head, holding the support rail for balance. 

Because there were so many people surrounding him, he had to squeeze in, forcing his intimate region to be level with, and in close proximity to, my facial region.

And so we rode, from Winchester to Wedgemere to West Medford to North Station, with his balls dangling on my nose.  It was the worst commute ever.

In contrast, seeing this in North Station would probably make for the best commute ever.  I bet Gary would hop right in the midst of it for a graceful, impromtu two-step with a Dunkin’ Donuts barista.  And I would cry and cheer like a schoolgirl.

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Lowell Folk Festival 2009: with Rosie Goodness

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yes, please.

yes, please.

If you’re to believe the Bible of communist arugula-drinking Brooklyn hipsters, then Lowell, Massachusetts is the place to be on the weekend of July 25 and 26.  

But this time, dear reader, those queers at the Times got it right.  Suck it, Goldberg!

Yes, there are days when you may get shot in our fair city.

But I’m sure you’ll agree, a non-life-threatening injury is a small price to pay for a few moments dancing in the glory of Rosie Ledet’s pussiere.

So, please.  Let Dr. Michael White take you to school.

Let Glen David take you to church.

And then let him take you to the streets.

Alive.  Unique.  Inspiring.  Luscious, strong thighs that make your loins burn.

Yes indeed.  There’s a lot to like about Lowell.

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Do What You Feel Friday!: Calm the Fuck Down!

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bookendsToday marks the much-anticipated return of Do What You Feel Friday, Coach Football’s favorite blog feature and the preferred reading for his candle-lit mastubatory sessions*.

We’ve been dwelling on violence here at Lucy the Blog, in the wake of Tavyrna Chouen’s murder and my growing homicidal tendencies.  Last night, the face of violence quite literally showed up at our doorstep.  Hijinx did not ensue.

It came out of nowhere, really.  Ash was putting Nola to bed, and I was slogging through the wreckage of our home, trying to make sense of the chaos and clutter.  We’re having repairs done to flood damage in our bedroom and nursery, which required us to move everything into the office, where we all live like hobos under the glow of the iMac.  Because Ash can’t go to the studio, her painting gear is scattered about the living room, along with baby gymnasiums and chewed up dog toys.  All quite lovely.

It started with a few screams in the distance.  And then in seemingly no time at all, two grown men were rolling around our front yard, surrounded by a crowd of people cheering and hollaring, encircling the brawl like it was a cockfight.

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So Long, Snooks

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Today, I’m sad.

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Everybody Get Low

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The Shape I’m In

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Lucy the Dog apologizes for the last couple weeks’ meager output.  It is shameful.  And we’ll try harder starting Monday.  Maybe.

Until then, here’s The Band to help push you through another week’s finish line.

Baby, You’re (Still) a Rich Man

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Paul McCartney is officially back on the market, at a cost of roughly 50 million duckets.

In honor of his newfound freedom, here is an astounding video of some guy juggling to Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight > The End.

A wittier type than I would probably insert a fantastic line here that somehow equates the juggler’s manipulation of the balls to Heather Mills’ milking of Sir McCartney’s.  I, however, have been unable to come up with any such line.

So instead, I’ll simply remind you that in the end, the love you make truly is equal to the love you take.  I’m serious.  Think about it.

A Fat Man Looks at 80

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In the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina, it was widely suspected that Antoine Dominique Domino had perished in his Lower 9th Ward home. But as we learned, it takes more than a Cat 5 to take this Fat Cat down.

Fats Domino is alive and walkin’ and celebrates 80 years on Earth today, perhaps with a bowl of beans cooked in his bathroom. If beans ain’t your thing, why not celebrate by buying yourself this two-disc all-star tribute to Fats, which benefits rebuilding efforts in the Lower 9th. Do it!

Also check out the video below, which could only be improved by Sanjaya Malakar descending from the rafters to take a verse of “Jambalaya”. Wearing a unitard.

Today’s Lazy “I’d Rather Be in New Orleans” Post

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Get Shorty.

*And note to Perry Ellis:  Troy Andrews’ cover of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” makes Husker Du’s “Eight Miles High” sound like Colton Berry’s “Suspicious Minds”.

**And note to Coach Football:  Did I punctuate “Andrews'” correctly, or should there be an additional ‘s’?

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