Presidential Elimination Party: The Exciting Conclusion, Part II

February 5, 2008 at 2:48 am | Posted in Prez Elimination Party, Video | 6 Comments
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Yesterday I said Lucy the Blog’s presidential endorsement would be posted in two parts, with the second being a logos- and ethos-driven case for voting for Barack Obama.

However, today I realized I didn’t feel like putting in the effort to writing that.  It just sounds like a lot of work.

So instead, please enjoy 10 minutes of classic footage from “Bold and the Beautiful.”  And vote for Obama on Tuesday.  If you don’t, I hope you fall into a huge pit of flames.

UPDATE:  Apparently you cannot embed that footage so I removed the clip.  But since you whiney turds came down so hard on me for not following through on that post, I’ve decided to finish the endorsement as promised.  

However, it got quite wordy, so to find out why you should vote for Obama today, you must click on the good ol’ jump link. Continue Reading Presidential Elimination Party: The Exciting Conclusion, Part II…


Presidential Elimination Party: Mitt Romney

December 6, 2007 at 9:15 pm | Posted in America, Prez Elimination Party | 5 Comments
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romneythumb.jpgWhat has two thumbs and is about to get the gooseface?


There’s no shortage of reasons to lop off the well-coiffed head of just-passing-through former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. 

But there are probably others we’d send to the gallows before him, had circumstances been different.  (That’s a flock of geese heading your way, John Edwards.)

However, these are not ordinary circumstances.  Tonight, Romney will make a much-anticipated speech to profess his love for Christ, and convince God-fearing Americans that he’s righteous enough to be president, even if he wears magic skivvies. 

Despite their persistent efforts to recruit me to their ranks, I have no idea what Mormons believe or what their underpants look like.  Nor do I know what Romney believes or what his underpants look like.  Nor do I care.

Continue Reading Presidential Elimination Party: Mitt Romney…

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