Meet Lucy the Dog

In 2003, Lucy the Dog moved from Tennessee to Lowell in order to make a name for herself in the burgeoning world of online news sources devoted to the Yankees, New Orleans, Sanjaya Malakar, Fabio getting hit by a goose, Lowell culture and politics, masturbation, soft core drug addiction, Charles Nelson Reilly, union organizing, boobs, and the CBS Daytime Television line-up.

Sometimes Lucy the Dog plagirizes.  Sometimes weird fish-like smells creep from her rear.  Sometimes she sits in the bathtub all day for no apparent reason.  And sometimes she will damn near blow your mind.

Lucy the Blog receives 9.2 million hits a week from all five major continents, and is updated at least once daily, except for on weekends, national holidays, and days when it is not updated.  We are an equal opportunity employer and we are more powerful than Jesus and your mother combined.  Believe it.


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  1. Dear Sinner,

    “Lucy the Dog just finished a brutal five days of laying at the bottom of the stairs and licking her cooch.”….?????…….

    After reading this filth, I feel I speak for most Protestant fundalmentalists when I say, “simmer in hell, Smith!!!!!!”

    Long Live Billy Sunday, you faithless prick!!

    Hal Stevens
    The Bob Jones University

  2. 🙂

  3. you are in need of some serious help. your not jealous, you are beyond that lady. so sad to see this. if i can help in any way, let me know. #1 ‘red sox fan! lol

  4. Lucy the Dog, you made my day. I just finished reading your article on “ratemyprofessor” and nearly pee’d myself, particularly after reading the comment regarding lucy’s adorable balls.

    Have my babies. Also, ignore the protestant damnung you to hell below, chances are they will be joining us and most others.

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