Melky (Hearts) Nuts

June 4, 2009 at 6:39 pm | Posted in America, Yankees | 3 Comments
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There is so much awesomeness packed into this short video; I hardly know where to begin.

Love Melky’s farmer’s tan.  Love his inability to communicate with Marey Carey and his apparent indifference toward doing so.

Love the dedication with which he stuffs those peanuts in his mouth.  Love his lack of a reason for picking number 28.  Love his answer to, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

But mostly, I love that a little boy with nothing can come to the Big Apple from the Dominican Republic and become a New York Yankee and nail porn stars who once ran for governor of the state of California.  What a country.

In short, I love Melky Cabrera.  And I love America.

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  1. mary carey? really melky? i just threw up.

  2. come on, dude, it’s melky. give the kid a break. he’s just happy to be there.

  3. Indifferent or not, I love him…. he’s a sexy, gorgeous man. I’d give anything to be in marey careys place!! Lucky b@#%h!!!

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