Wednesday Morning Resin: That Heineken Commercial

May 6, 2009 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Video, Yankees | 2 Comments
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Why do I love this Heineken commercial so much?

I want to hang out in a taxicab with people who wear sunglasses at night.  I want to get the spins and eventually vomit on that blond chick who raps off-key.

Then we would go to a diner and each smoke 19 cigarettes before returning to our cramped Lower East Side apartment to pass out on one another.  It would be wonderful, or at a pleasant change of pace from falling asleep on the couch while watching the Yankees lose again.

The closest I ever came to such a carefree, jubilant NYC taxi ride was with the Sherpa’s cousin, Daisuke, as we sang drunken but pitch-perfect harmonies to “More Than Words” by Nelson.

In hindsight, that performance was a little more gay than this Biz Markie sing-along.  And the driver did not seem inclined to participate.  But it was fun nonetheless.  Ah, to be young again.




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  1. Sooo… you’re enjoying fatherhood?

  2. i didn’t mean to imply that i wasn’t. though i can certainly see where one would interpret it that way. for the record, i adore fatherhood. i love spending my evenings with nola jane and ashlee. it’s just that, when i see this commercial, i realize that somewhere a hot drunk blond chick is in a cab singing rap songs from the 90s. and the only thing missing from her life is me touching her boobs. does that make me a bad husband and father? feel free not to answer that question.

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