Just Because We Don’t Post As Much Doesn’t Mean the Lowell Sun Is Less Stupid

October 6, 2008 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Lowell | 1 Comment
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That snappy-writing Scandanavian doofus over at Pax Arcana thinks he found the the greatest news story ever written today.

But for greatest headline ever written, you’d be hard-pressed to beat this one, which appeared in Friday’s Lowell Sun:

Hamel retiring his briefcase, trench coat after 40 years at the Sun

On its face, there’s nothing particularly notable about the headline.  It ran above a story about George Hamel, a longtime ad salesman who started at the Sun way back on October 4, 1968.  Now, as the headline would indicate, the beloved Hamel is hanging it up. 

Except he’s not.

That previous link goes to a cached version of the article.  But the now edited headline on the Sun’s site reads: “After 40 years at Sun, Hamel, briefcase, trench coat, keep on selling“.

Apparently, there is a little confusion over there on Dutton Street.  So hold off on those “Happy Retirement” wishes.  In a follow-up story that ran Saturday, reporter Jack Minch wrote, “contrary to a headline in yesterday’s Sun, [Hamel] does not plan to retire any time soon.”

To summarize:  The Lowell Sun ran a story saying that the most tenured ad salesman at the Lowell Sun is retiring.  But the most tenured ad salesman at the Lowell Sun is not retiring.  And Jim Campanini is still not a very good editor.


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