Granlund and Tomase: Two Dudes Lucy Worked With

May 16, 2008 at 7:11 pm | Posted in Evil Tribune | 6 Comments
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First, an editorial note.  We are still here.  And in the next few days, there will be an important announcement regarding the future of Lucy the Dog and this once-formidable web presence.  We are not euthanizing the blog yet.  But small changes are in the works.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some quick thoughts on two of Lucy’s former coworkers, John Tomase and Dave Granlund, neither of whom would know us if we bit them in the ankle.

Much of the editorial brilliance that you witness here regularly (sort-of) was developed in the modest newsroom of the MetroWest Daily News.  My first day as a paid writer started on the morning that the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded.  I localized that shit.  Hard-core.

Anyway, I always used to peek into the office of the paper’s editorial cartoonist, Dave Granlund.  It was so cool to see all his little paintbrushes and pencils lying around, as I found him and his work fascinating. 

Editorial cartoons are generally quite lame.  But Granlund consistently captures hilarious, poignant, and sometimes tragic moments in one single image.  He is as much a storyteller as any columnist or novelist, and a kickass artist to boot. 

I remember thinking how lucky the Daily News was to have a voice like Granlund’s in-house.  Very few papers, especially of that size, employ a full-time cartoonist.  And to have such a talent on staff, presenting unique, fresh commentary on national and local news, is a gift to readers.

So naturally Granlund got canned unexpectedly yesterday after 31 years at the paper.  Because newspapers suck.

Lucy the Blog extends our best wishes to the now unemployed cartoonist.  And if he would ever like a position here, we will gladly offer him a three dollars a month and a mix CD.

While Granlund only lost a job, Boston Herald Patriots scribe John Tomase may soon lose much more.  Since reporting that the Pats videotaped a Rams walkthrough before Super Bowl XXXVI, Tomase has replaced Curly-Haired Boyfriend Dan Shaughnessy as the Boston journalist most likely to be found floating in the Charles River.  Or at least the one most likely to get his house egged.

Now that the story’s been proven false, bloodlust for Tomase has soared to new heights.  Nothing short of his shriveled testicles on a skewer will satisfy the legions of wronged Patriots fans.  They are pissed.  (It would be appropriate here to insert a quote that illustrates how pissed they are, but I can’t seem to find anything that adequately represents the mood.  Here’s a sampling of the reaction to his mea culpa.  But take my word for it, it’s ugly.)

I worked at The Eagle-Tribune before Tomase left that paper to go to the Herald.  I rarely interacted with him, but he was likable when we did.  He covered the Red Sox and injected a lot of personality into what could have been bland, routine game recaps.  I haven’t read him since, but at the time I thought he was a great writer – certainly a cut above average.

Early in his Herald career, Tomase returned to the Tribune newsroom to pick up some belongings or complete some paperwork or something.  At the time, we were deep into our union organizing campaign and one of our supporters asked him what he thought of the Herald’s union.  With uncharacteristic volume and anger (at least from what I’d seen from him), Tomase replied that the union was a bunch of assholes and he couldn’t stand them.  When asked to elaborate, he offered no specifics.  He just hated them, he said.

I never knew what to make of those comments.  But now that Tomase has fucked up ROYALLY, enabled no doubt by his editors, I wonder if the Newspaper Guild is doing anything to protect him.  Should they?  I have no idea.  But if so, they probably shouldn’t try too hard.



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  2. Fuck Tomase, that little dick weasel. I hope he ends up back at the Andover Townsman covering town meetings.

  3. POP!

  4. POP, bitch. POP!

  5. Oh snap! Da fridge done been nuked! He popped yo ass!

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