The Panic Button Goes Silent

April 2, 2008 at 6:10 pm | Posted in Sports, TV | 9 Comments
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In 1984, at the tender age of 8, Lucy the Dog relocated from Massachusetts to New Jersey.

Fifteen years later, I returned to the Commonwealth and was shocked to power up the television machine and find Bob Lobel right where I’d left him.

lobel.gifI have no idea why the memory of Lobel stuck with me for all those years.  But before the ESPN-ification of sports media, Bob was The Man here in Boston.  Or at least he was in my feeble, developing mind.

When I came back, it was comforting to find a familiar face in a landscape that I scarcely remembered. 

In 2005, Lobel told Boston Magazine:

“They call it ‘sunsetting’ in this industry:  They ‘sunset’ their talent.  I don’t know how they’re going to sunset Lobel.  But I hope we all know ahead of time, because there really aren’t that many happy endings in this business.”  

As it turns out, they were going to sunset Bob in April 2008.  On Monday, WBZ announced it will cut 10 percent of its workforce including Lobel, ending the longest tenure for a sports anchor in the Boston market.  (Lobel started at WBZ in 1979.)

To borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton’s borrowed phrase from John Edwards, Bob will probably be fine.  But his departure marks a sad loss.  Even though I barely watch the guy anymore, it’s reassuring to know such connections to youth and ‘the good ol’ days’ still exist.  With all due respect to whoever will replace him, it’s like watching Ruby Tuesdays replace your local bar.

But all things must come to an end.  And surely Perk is a Beast will soon remind me of why Lobel is a turd-sucking douche who should burn in a flaming bag of dicks with Peter May, Bob Ryan, Dwight Howard, and John Mayer.

Until then, please enjoy this clip of another voice from my childhood, the brilliant Lloyd Lindsay Young.  I couldn’t find any interesting Lobel clips.


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  1. Though Lobel jumped the shark about 10 years ago (that may be the wrong saying — crawled into the bottle is probably more apt), I’ve always loved him for coining the phrase, “Why can’t we get players like that?” during the sports drought that was the 90s in Loserville, er, Boston.

  2. […] UPDATE: Lucy the Blog remembers things. […]

  3. I used to watch Sports Final all the time. Watching Lobel slur through a late night broadcast after a day of boozing in the press box at Foxborough or Gillette Stadium was always a pleasure.

    I’ll never forget his classic call of a Bledsoe to Coates touchdown that went a little something like this. “And then this guy, throws to that guy.”

    What a drunk.

  4. i had no idea that also this week, jackie macmullen took the globe’s buyout. so glad i went to journalism school. that was a sound investment.

  5. Jackie MacMullen took the buyout? The Globe sucks

  6. I had a shameless flirt session with Jackie MacMullan a few years back at a Celtics draft party. It was nice.

  7. and you mock me for my attraction to emily rooney?

  8. I had a shameless flirt session with Russ Conway a few years back at a Claddagh party. It was creepy.

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