You Can’t Kill the Rooster

March 6, 2008 at 12:28 am | Posted in America | 1 Comment
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clintoncurtain.jpgLucy the Dog has fallen victim to a mysterious ailment.  It required the consumption of an antihistemine last night that made me very, very drowsy.  As a result, I fell asleep at around 10.

Three hours later, I woke up and crawled out of bed to check the Texas results on the worldwide web.  Wearing nothing but my boxer-briefs, I sniffled and shivered and bounced from blog to blog, hoping to find some words of solace.  There were none to be found. 

I kept clicking refresh on sites whose authors had already gone to bed.  All the while, my nose ran until I eventually grew tired of blowing it, and instead let the snot crawl to my upper lip and then fall, pooling up on my bare knee. 

Obama should concede now.  You cannot beat this woman.  She will not relent.  And she will take us down with her. 

I never understand what the kids mean when they say something or someone got “pwned.”  But delegate math be damned, I do believe Hillary Clinton is about to pwn us all.


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  1. You should really have a doctor check that syphilis.

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