Yeah. What He Said.

February 21, 2008 at 6:50 am | Posted in America, Video | 3 Comments
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Spiddle-lipped Chris Matthews was the hit of the Internets and talk radio today, thanks to his skewering of Texas state senator Kirk Watson.  (Video posted below.)

Upon first glance, Watson does indeed look a bit dumb, though I’d argue he looks no dumber than your average Texan.

However, if anyone in this video deserves ridicule, it’s Matthews himself.  Why, you ask?  Well I’m even dumber than said Texan, so I can’t explain.  But I know a guy at the Daily Dish, and he’d be glad to.  So please, take it away, guy at the Daily Dish!

Dear Chris Matthews: Please Do Your Job

(Ed. Note: If I didn’t make it clear with my setup, that thing above these words, in the blue type?  That’s the thing you’re supposed to read.  Yeah.  Click it.)



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  1. Wow, that was pretty lame on Chris Matthew’s part.

  2. Chris Matthews told Howard Kurtz last week that he thinks his job is to say things like you’d hear someone say at a party. If he were at my party, I’d say, “You’re a fucking clown, Chris Matthews,” and see if he laughed.

  3. Couple things:

    “Spittle,” not “spiddle.”

    If I was at Pax’s party with Chris Matthews, I’d ask him what business a DC cop and Capital Hill hack has pretending to be a newsman and see if he laughed.

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