Howe Lowell Can You Goell?

February 10, 2008 at 11:52 pm | Posted in Lowell, Lowell Sun | Leave a comment
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lowellwings.gifSadly, I lack the patience, will, authority, and skill to assess the wreckage of last Tuesday’s Lowell City Council meeting in this space.  I also lack a reading audience that cares.

But for the few who are interested, I direct you to Richard Howe’s spot-on blog post “Cultural Confusion.”

As Howe notes, The Lowell Sun has been slightly schizophrenic in its recent editorial coverage.*  Much as it is with its delivery service

In addition to Howe, Left in Lowell has also done a bang-up job of covering the situation.  (That’s one “bang-up” and one “spot-on” for those of you who are counting.

Our official stance on the Cultural Council brou-ha-ha is as follows: 

The editorial board of Lucy the Blog supports the arts, the cultural community of Lowell, and the ordinance as presented by City Manager Bernie Lynch. 

We will not tolerate continued opposition to this ordinance.  And councilors who fail to reverse their current course and tenor will find goose on their faces come election day.

Let it be known that Lucy the Dog was once accused of pouring coffee on an HR manager’s car and jabbing an elbow through an editor’s windshield.  And we just started doing push-ups, 10 a day.  So we are not to be fucked with.

Also, according to Google, Jim Campanini is not a very good editor.  Amen.

(*Ed. Note: In all likelihood, none of those Sun links will work by Wednesday.)


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