Slick Willie Knows There’s a Lot to Like About Lowell

February 6, 2008 at 2:05 am | Posted in Lowell, Sports | 1 Comment
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willie.jpgWillie Andrews, you just lost the Super Bowl and a place in history to a perpetually confused looking goofy white nerd!  What are you gonna do next?

What kinda question is that?  I’m gonna go watch election returns with my homegirl Lucy the Dog and get small enough to fall between the sofa cushions.  What would you do?

Now I know that sexy little beast lives around here somewhere.  Just take the Connector to Dutton Street…Left at the Hess station…Past the Excel Liquor store…

Goddamn am I high right now…This herb is lovely, yo…

That is one big river down there…Look at it flowing all beautiful and shit…This bridge doesn’t feel too sturdy though.  They gotta inspect this shit…What the?…Lucy didn’t say nothin’ about no bridge and river and shit…

What’s this mother-fucker flashing his lights at me for?  He must be the bridge inspector…Oh snap, that ain’t no bridge inspector…D’oh!

Patriots defensive back charged with marijuana possession in Lowell,


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