Every Tuesday is Super…In My Pants!

February 6, 2008 at 12:48 am | Posted in America, Video | 1 Comment
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I never understand people who openly support a candidate – or the candidates themselves – yet say, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just as long as you get out there to vote!”

Let me tell you, I just got out there to vote.  And the Hillary Clinton supporters should be forewarned.  It is nasty out.  The lines stretched for blocks and it was pouring rain, even inside the Lowell Masonic Center. 

And that little old balding lady who hands you your ballot?  The crazy old coot stole my wallet!  Plus I feel itchy all of a sudden and my tonsils are enflamed.  I think it’s polio.

As for those of you who’d planned to vote for Obama today, proceed as planned.  They give you a hundred dollar bill just for showing up.  And that little old balding lady who hands you your ballot?  She offered me a full-body massage afterwards!  Elderly hand-skin is soft and wise.

Now a message from an animated Puff Daddy, who is somehow less cartoonish than the real one.


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  1. I voted this morning and it was awesome.

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