An Axl Looks at 46 and a Bob Looks at 63

February 6, 2008 at 11:10 pm | Posted in Birthday, Muzak, Video | 6 Comments
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marley.jpgIt was a rough night filled with rage and cynicism and similar awful emotions – misplaced or not – that make for dull reading.

So let’s get off to a fresh hump day by wishing Bob Marley a happy 63rd and Axl Rose a happy 46th.

Both GnR and Bob take me back to my teenage years that now seem like decades ago.  My first Kids Foot Locker paycheck went to the Bob Marley box set.  All those long hours spent in polyester pants, only to bring the four discs home and realize every song pretty much sounded exactly the same.  The packaging was quite seductive though.

As for Guns and Roses, they’re easily one of the greatest bands of my lifetime.  And I’m not even that into them. 

But “Patience” is one of my favorite songs to sing-and-whistle along to in the car, and “Sweet Child o’ Mine” is, in my opinion, every bit as perfect as “Thunder Road” or “Like a Rolling Stone.” 

And then there’s the gloriously pretentious “November Rain” video, which gives you Stephanie Seymour in a short wedding dress and a guy jumping through a wedding cake.  What more can you ask for?

But Axl is 46?????  Day-umm, that’s old!  Yikes.

So here are two clips from Bob and Axl.  They’ll send you right back to algebra class at Chatham High School, where despite your best efforts, you will never get the right angle to see up Hillary Myers’s shorts. 

But fear not, my friend.  You’ll get a boner just by trying.



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  1. Just thinking about looking up Hillary Myers’ shorts, I’ve got boner written all over my phallus.

  2. You guys were allowed to have boners in Chatham? Isn’t that a little, well, low-class?

  3. our boners are laminated in gold and polished with the finest chardonnay. or something.

  4. that last comment was actually by me. not yourwife. i have no idea what yourwife’s boner is laminated in.

  5. I like your articles about pathetic bench-warming virgins better.

  6. Bench warmers get a lot of boners. Or so I’ve heard.

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