Go Green on Cyber Monday

November 26, 2007 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Sports | 4 Comments

The Sensei himself invites you to hop on the Celtics bandwagon and join the Perk is a Beast army

Click here to access the Beast Ware store, where for a minimal cost, you’ll sacrifice your grammar skills but get a sweet T-shirt, sweatshirt, or onesie. 

Banana Republic, Lucky, and Hollister are for turds.  Real men wear the sign of the Beast.




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  1. Hope you all caught the Beast’s Celtics broadcast debut.

    Friday, Nov. 23; Lakers-Celtics; 2:18 remaining, Fourth Quarter:

    Big Ticket leaves the game to much applause. Camera pans crowd for shots of said applause. Their stands the Beast himself, accompanied by unknown Man Date, hair perfectly, faux-haphazardly spiked. He stands, applauds, glows. He makes love to the camera.

    Fire up your DVR and go back and check it out. The moment that no doubt will launch an onesie empire.

  2. I wasn’t at the Lakers game. That’s the really weird part. I was however on television for the Golen State Warriors game two nights before. And it was when KG went out of the game.

  3. And you laugh but we just got an order for 75 perk is a beast t-shirts from a church in Texas. And we sold advertising. MY little blog that grammar forgot is profitable.

  4. it may be profitable, but i’ll bet you all of that profit that the church in texas only found out about you through lucy the blog.

    we are huge among texans and active church-goers.

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