Suck It, Boras

November 15, 2007 at 2:41 am | Posted in Sports, Yankees | 3 Comments

boras.jpgLike I’ve been saying all along.  I love A-Rod. 

He is a True Yankee. 

And there’s no one else I would rather see at third base.

ESPN:  Yanks talking to A-Rod

And check out my mad Microsoft Paint skillz, yo!  —————->



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  1. A-Rod just went from being a confused purple-lipped moron to being a pathetic confused purple-lipped moron. Seriously, if this guy’s reputation suffers from one thing, it’s that he’s utterly unwilling to be sincere about anything. Him crawling behind his agent’s back to talk to the Yankees only demonstrates that he is so transparently stupid that he should not be allowed to govern himself. I have never seen any public figure with a greater over-estimation of his own intelligence and cunning.

    It’s like he’s on a yacht that blew off course 60 miles back. He’s rowing furiously in reverse, but he forgot to shut the engine off first.

  2. Suck it, Norweigan.

  3. Come see me eat nipples

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