Burnt Bernie, Burnt

November 15, 2007 at 7:56 pm | Posted in Muzak, Video, Yankees | 5 Comments

roj.jpgBetween paying my respects to veterans and dragging my ass through the teaching homestretch, this week has been slightly crazed. 

As a result, there’s been little of the wisdom and hilarity you’ve come to hope for at Lucy the Blog.  And much of the inconsistency and YouTube space filler that you’ve come to expect.

Today you get more of the same.  Here’s a clip I just ran across of Bernie Williams rocking out with the Allman Brothers.  What’s remarkable about this video is how cool Bernie looks.  Perhaps it’s the mushrooms.  But check out how pleased he is with his little solo at the 50 second mark.  Look at the guns!  That is one cool cat.

While I love him dearly, this may be the only time I’ve said those words while looking at Bernie Williams.  And for a black dude, or even for one of those Latin American dudes who looks black, it’s pretty much impossible to not look cool.  Most of them have it easy.  In fact, a 2002 Brookings Institution study concluded that the only non-cool blacks of the 20th century were Bernie, Condoleeza Rice, Allen Keyes, Roj, and the guy who throws a javelin in “Revenge of the Nerds”.

Apparently those Brookings folk don’t spend much time at the Beacon.  Because Bernie may have looked lame and sometimes even confused in his playing days.  He may have looked like a complete tool when he whiffed at a pitch and ended up stuck in that awkward, crouched posture.  And he may have even worn Coke bottle glasses early in his career. 

But during this moment on stage, Bernie was cool as can be.  And also during this moment on stage, specifically at the 2:35-ish mark, Warren Haynes finds something in his hair.

PS – In case you missed it in the comments section, Pax Arcana really, really wants you to see him eat nipples.  And at 7-0, Perk remains a beast.   

More of Bernie tearing shit up here: Part II 



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  1. I saw the Allman Brothers at Jazz Fest in 2000. They let Steven Seagall play onstage with them. Steven Seagall. That’s like letting an Eagle-Tribune sports editor write for Lucy the Blog.

  2. The Allmann Brothers suck.

  3. I enjoy the mildly racist content of this post.

  4. For the record the man you’re speaking of is Lamar Latrell and everyone knows that Wormser is a master of aerodynamics and that he designed a javeline to work with Lamar’s limp wristed throwing style.

  5. I am now officially pissed that I wasn’t born Bernie Williams

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