The Lowell Sun: So Dumb It Hurts

November 1, 2007 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Lowell, Lowell Sun | 9 Comments

halloween.jpgI was just flipping through yesterday’s Lowell Sun, and page 14 features a full-page display of the winning entries for the paper’s Halloween Coloring Contest.

The headline above the pictures nearly induced a heart attack.  As a literate adult, seeing something like this in print boggles my mind and makes me ache for humanity. 

In all caps and a massive font, it reads:


Presumably this text was written by the Sales Department and not Editorial.  But all the same, everyone responsible for letting it through should be dealt with severely. Nothing short of genital electrocution will suffice.



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  1. I assume the headline was still smaller than the Sun’s standard story text font?

  2. I think your being two hard on them.

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  4. It doesn’t make any difference. The Sun is a place at which not only to editors lack the balls to object to prostituting their product and their profession by selling fake front pages to the public (yes, your very own front page touting your dog’s puppies, your engagement, your sexual prowess, whatever you want), but high-ranking editors spend time designing them!

    All this and degrading (and firing) the highest-ranking woman editor at the paper!! After she was stricken with cancer!!

    At the Sun, being stupid is an asset.

  5. In the interest of fairness, I must say that I was grateful to the Sun for its special Lowell election section in this Sunday’s paper. It seems quite thorough and is a great help for someone who has paid zero attention to the race and now must cram to figure out who to vote for tomorrow.

    As for Sunny’s comment about a woman editor being fired after getting cancer, I have no idea if there’s any truth to that, nor do I know who Sunny Daze is. I’m not questioning that this happened. Nor am I calling Sunny Daze a liar. I thank you, Sunny D., for your participation. I’m simply writing this stupid meaningless comment to inocculate myself from the possibility of some legal action or something. Yeah.

  6. We got some Cola, OJ, purple stuff… Sunny D!

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