It’s Fun To Stay at the NMKY

August 23, 2007 at 2:26 am | Posted in Muzak, Video | 5 Comments

As seen on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.



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  1. You probably think it’s funny to make fun of Scandinavians, huh, you little mop-headed racist? I’ll have you know that NMKY stands for Numarsbriggen Museta Kuhlensweig Yurp, which is a museum solely for the display of Viking weaponry embedded in Irish and English skulls. The dance he’s doing is a traditional one of fertility, triumph, and the turnip harvest.

  2. […] you safe from anti-Scandinavian racism Jump to Comments The wiry and squinty-eyed editors at Lucy the Blog have posted a 2 minute video of vicious anti-squarehead propaganda. Some would call it hilarious, […]

  3. i got a haircut. i look like a fuckin’ nerd.

    vikings are gay.

  4. Gay as in happy. Happy to be sacking Irish monasteries. Happy and gay.

  5. Tell me, please, that the beard still exists.

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