Do What You Feel Friday!: Bury the Hatchet

July 6, 2007 at 3:55 pm | Posted in DWYFF!, Evil Tribune | 8 Comments

paperboy.jpgYesterday, Eagle-Tribune sports editor Bill Burt apologized for calling ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon a “jerk” in his July 2 column titled, “Pardon the Interruption, but Wilbon is a jerk.”  You can read that column here, followed by Burt’s initial blog recap at

Lucy the Blog commends Burt for his humility; we sort of know him and don’t imagine he’s the type that deliberately attempts to offend.  Of course, we don’t know him well enough to make any such judgment, so who knows?  But offering him the benefit of the doubt, we give Burt’s apology a Kudos or Thumbs-Up, or whatever the Trib Opinion page might say in their mail-it-in Saturday column.

Following Burt’s lead, I’m sure the Tribune brass will also bury the hatchet with its former Red Sox beat reporter, Rob Bradford.  Bradford left the Tribune earlier this year for a gig at the Boston Herald, where he hoped to continue his once-popular and once-beefy Bradford on Baseball blog, found at  As you can see, that didn’t work out for Bradford.  On Baseball.

Apparently the Tribune would not give Bradford his URL.  Instead, typing that URL directs you to Bill Burt’s Burt Talks Sports blog.  And Bradford has since taken up residence at  (He seems to have taken holiday this week, but he’s generally prolific.)

(Also, I should note that I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I don’t know the ins and outs of the legal issues involved in this dispute.  All I know is what I’m telling you.  Even the parts that I don’t know.)

You would think that the Tribune would just give the guy the fuckin’ URL.  What use could they possibly have for a URL with the guy’s name on it, right?  But they apparently care so much about retaining the domain name that they’re fighting the matter through lawyers.  Talk about petting the sweaty stuff.  (You like that turn of phrase, adorable little beer-yielding coozie reading Lucy the Blog from your home in Meredith, NH?)

tribune.jpgAt the very least, you’d think the Trib higher-ups would put a note on Burt’s web site directing those who typed “” to Bradford’s actual site.  Or how about a nice, simple Error 404 message?  Is the paper so desperate that it really needs to suckle from the teat that is Rob Bradford?  How sad.

I’m sure the fair-minded folk at The Eagle-Tribune will come to their senses soon.  They’re known for that, coming to their senses and being fair-minded.  It’s part of what makes the paper so amazingly relevant.

So this Friday, Lucy the Blog implores all of you dear readers to do as they’ll do and bury the hatchet with whomever you’re currently at war with.  Peace, man, can’t we all just get along?  Peace. 

Also, if you’re an aspiring sportswriter with a last name that happens to be Bradford, immediately send your clips and resume to the human resources department at Eagle-Tribune headquarters.  They’ve got a blog with your name on it.*

*NOTE: That joke was stolen.



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  1. Lucy the Blog is a jerk….Oh damn, I’ve done it again.

  2. For the record, based on the email address provided,, my inclination is to believe that is not the real Bill Burt.

  3. Hey Burt is my man. We man kiss all the time.

  4. For the record, based on the email address provided,, my inclination is to believe that is indeed, without question, the real Michael Wilbon1.

  5. […] to our friends at Lucy the Blog this man won’t let Rob Bradford have his URL back. Bradford bolted the Eagle-Tribune for the […]

  6. I will punish you all with my bald head.

  7. […] In the local media circuit, pressure from Lucy the Blog readers eventually forced The Evil-Tribune to release Rob Bradford’s hijacked URL.  […]

  8. Hello Lucy,

    Where did you get the clipart of the paperboy. I want to use it for my website can you refer me the artist so I can ask the right way.

    Thanks. TJohnson

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