2 Legit to 2 Cut and Run

June 14, 2007 at 3:13 am | Posted in America, Bush, Muzak, New Orleans, Video | Leave a comment

hammer.jpgApparently even MC Hammer has been more prolific than Lucy the Dog lately.  And there’s something so adorable about his latest diddy, this heartfelt plea to President George W. Bush (video below).

“I support you sir, and we got no beef.  I’m just a rapper, you commander in chief.”

On the surface, they might not seem to have much in common.  But I imagine George and Hammer would get along just swell.  George teaches Hammer how to clear brush.  Hammer teaches George that baggy-pants dance where you slide from side to side on your tip-toes.  

Yes, this pair of simpletons would be fast friends for sure.  George and Hammer, living in their pretty, technicolor world, where Jesus sprinkles happy dust and evildoers are brought to justice.

“I support you and the war on terror.  And I prayed for you when you made that error.  This is not the enemy, this is from a friend.  Bring our boys home and in the end we all win.”

So true, Hammer.  In the end, we all win.  So listen to a kindred spirit, George.  Just pick up that phone.  And bring our brothers home.


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