This Week’s Mood: Lohaney

May 31, 2007 at 5:24 am | Posted in TV, Video | Leave a comment

lohan.jpgAs of late, this hasn’t been a very lively stop on the information superhighway.  In short, we’re spent.

Lucy the Dog doesn’t recover well from long weekends. 

Plus, it’s nice n’ hot here in Lowell.  And when it gets nice n’ hot, Lucy the Dog doesn’t like to use the laptop.  It fries her genitals and induces heavy sweating.

Thus, she’s been laying in the bathroom a lot, wedged between the toilet and the wall.  She won’t admit it, but I think that in addition to the heat and the hangover, Charles Nelson Reilly’s death is hitting her pretty hard. 

Reilly, who passed over the weekend, was the most recent of Lucy’s contemporaries to go.  In the late 1970’s, Lucy was a regular panelist on Match Game, along with Reilly, Brett Sommers, and Richard Dawson.  Dawson, who would later host Family Feud, actually had an brief fling with Lucy, which left her pregnant with a pup that was eventually aborted at his insistance.  After that scandal, Lucy was never asked back to Match Game.  And as a result, she has never cared for Dawson.

Lucy always adored Reilly though, and it is a dark, somber week here at Lucy the Blog. 

But we will carry on.  We must.  It’s what Charles would have wanted.

LUCY THE BLOG FLASHBACKDNA from Anna Nicole’s daughter confirmed what we’d suspected for so long about Charles. 


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