American Idol Recap: Mainstream Media Seeks to Derail Sanjaya Movement!

April 11, 2007 at 7:04 am | Posted in Idol, Lowell | 4 Comments

suavjaya.jpgACTION ALERT:  Lucy the Blog encourages our readers to contact Lowell Sun entertainment reporter Andrew Ravens, and demand an apology for his deliberate lies, his overt attempt at voter suppression, and his personal assault of Sanjaya Malakar.

I recently bought a subscription to the Lowell Sun, which is now delivered to my house each day at the crack of 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  (In all fairness, there’s at least a half-mile between the Sun printing press and my apartment, so the late arrival is to be expected.)

Today, the Sun’s entertainment reporter wrote a story titled “Sanjaya Syndrome,” which received prominent placement as the front-page centerpiece.  At first glance I cringed, thinking we’d really stepped through the looking glass this time.  Sanjaya, with a full-body picture, is now getting more than a quarter of Page One.  Wow.

But upon closer examination, it became clear that this was simply another attempt by the mainstream media to stymie the Sanjaya movement and preserve its precious Idol cash cow.  The article begins with the same hellfire and brimstone propaganda techniques that the MSM used to get our panties in a bunch over Saddam and his self-guided nuclear bomber planes that had the capacity to reach the mainland and impregnate our daughters.

First, Ravens parroted the Associated Press report that Simon will quit if Sanjaya wins, making no mention of the fact that the hairy-chested Brit has a sizable long-term contract and sizabler ego, which would prevent any such departure.

sanjaya3.jpgThen Ravens made a beeline for the heartstrings, reporting that a pro-Sanjaya vote does irreperable harm to our children.  One of Ravens’s sources, Karen Maguire, claims her daughters are forced to take a snack break every time Sanjaya takes the stage.

“They are ruining it for my children,” Karen Maguire, 40, of Billerica, said of voters bent on voting for the worst contestant.  “My kids are watching and they say, ‘It doesn’t matter who wins now.'”

Well listen, Karen Maguire.  And take a note, Andrew Ravens.  This isn’t about the kids.  We ban smoking in public places for your kids.  We keep boobies off TV for your kids.  I register with the city when I move into your neighborhood for your kids.  We do enough for your goddamn kids.  It’s not always about them.  This is about Sanjaya.  Sanjaya and Lucy the Dog.  We will be together, Andrew Ravens, make no mistake.  You will not get in the way of our dreams.

As if the bias in Ravens’s reporting is not obvious enough, he then goes one step further, intentionally presenting lies to dissuade the public from exercising its right to love Sanjaya Malakar.  (Who he dismissively refers to as “this dude.”  How cutting edge!)  Writes the factually deficient scribe:

“Each vote is a 50-cent phone call, and households can chime in up to 10 times.”

Upon reading this, I nearly went into cardiac arrest.  It’s bad enough that I watch this trash, and worse that I spend so much time writing about it.  But to think that I’ve been spending $20 a week to vote is unfathomable, and it forced me to question whether I could truly afford to follow my heart with such reckless abandon.

sanjaya.jpgOf course, a quick visit to the American Idol website revealed that there is, in fact, no charge per call.  Nor is there a voting limit per household.  Is it possible that Ravens is so incompetent that he got this simple fact wrong?  Or could it be that The Lowell Sun and its parent company, MediaNews Group, is owned by the same corporate conglomerate that owns – and profits greatly from – the success of American Idol?!?!?  Could it be that Ravens is lining CEO Dean Singleton’s pockets by intentionally suppressing the Sanjaya vote through a carefully-constructed campaign of deceit and misinformation?!?!?

Regardless of the motivation, we will not let Sanjaya be swift boated by the mainstream media.  This time, they have gone too far. 

Your efforts to sabotage Sanjaya’s triumph have failed, Andrew Ravens.  And Lucy the Blog demands that you apologize immediately for attempting to thwart the democratic process.  If you decline to do so, we will devote all of our resources and energy to securing your termination.  And until this injustice is rectified, the Lowell Sun can not be trusted.

WEDNESDAY’S PREDICTION:  Haley says Sanjayonara, and Andrew Ravens feels the wrath of the blogosphere.  Oh yes, Andrew Ravens.  You will pay dearly.  Dearly.



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