We’ve All Gone Soft

March 12, 2007 at 7:16 pm | Posted in America, TV | 3 Comments

I’m watching Family Feud right now.

And the category is: “Name something you’d hate to read about the guy you almost married.”

So Susan DeBour from the DeBour family answers “He won the lottery.”  And they give her the number one answer, which was “HE’S RICH.” 

Being rich doesn’t mean he won the lottery.  This is bullshit.



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  1. good point but why in the fuck are you watching family feud?

  2. what kind of question is that? you think having this new blog is all fun and games? you think we’re just sitting over here drawing stick figures with kendrick perkins’s head on them? this is a goddamn responsibility! this is the new media, baby, welcome to the 21st century! if we don’t provide the necessary watchdog role, then who will? nbc news? those liberal hacks over at the new york times? i think not, perk is a beast. so i ask you, why aren’t you watching the family feud? because first it’s host john o’hurley’s lenient acceptance of a clearly untrue answer, and then the next thing you know we’re fighting a war in the middle east under false pretenses. such mendacity must not stand.

  3. I won’t watch the feud because that show died as soon as Richard Dawson left.

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