Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Lucy the Dog

March 6, 2007 at 7:02 pm | Posted in Bush, Movies, New Orleans | 4 Comments

Last night I watched Disc 2 of Spike Lee’s 3-disc series “When the Levees Broke.”  That covers Acts III and IV of the Requiem in Four Acts, so I don’t know what could be on Disc 3.  Alternate ending perhaps?

Act III touches on Kanye’s “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” statement, which I tend to disagree with.  I’m of the belief that Bush is just really dumb, and that’s why he screws everything up.  But maybe Kanye’s right.  The results are the same either way, so who cares.guitars are fun.

Tomorrow, Kanye and 8 friends will show their care for black people by eating a $3,900 dinner at a business meeting.  Ordinarily, this meal would cost $17.50, according to my source at CNN. (Don’t tell my wife, but I am totally nailing Soledad O’Brien.)

The dinner from “British Raj” will be flown from Wales to New York.  For unlearned people, Wales is in England or the United Kingdom or something.  Hence the killer markup.  The article reads:

“For a feast of onion bhajees, chapati breads, biryanis, pappadums, a specially prepared fish dish and vegetables on the side, the bill will top $3,900, plus travel and accommodation for the restaurant’s head chef. “


All of this makes me feel like Kanye West is sorta full of shit.  I don’t know the guy, and I don’t begrudge wealthy people for living it up.  But this seems excessive.  You can get perfectly good chapati bread for 1 grand and still have $2,000 for strippers and $900 to hand to any random black dude on the street.  Get your act together, Kanye.

Definitely check out “When the Levees Broke” though.  And maybe some day I’ll tell you how I almost kicked Spike Lee’s ass in a bathroom.  But not today.  Today it’s windy as hell, so I’m going upstairs to lay in the bathtub.



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  1. You forgot to mention the amount of oil and gas it’ll take to fly the “feast of onion bhajees, chapati breads, biryanis, pappadums, a specially prepared fish dish and vegetables on the side” from Wales to the dinner table. I bet it’s a lot. And if our military wasn’t over in Iraq fighting to secure those oil reserves so us Americans can live it up, I bet we would have had a different response in N’Awlins. Or maybe not. Because our president is dumb.

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  4. you can always say that Kanye West is a good singer but he will never be as good as michael jackson “,`

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